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GameThread: Tigers (80-78) @ Orioles (63-95) Game 1: 4:35 PM

Here we are, friends. We're at the beginning of the last series of the 2010 season and I really don't want it to end. And like so many of you, I'm shocked to feel that way. This team has breathed new life into the Baltimore baseball community in the past two months and I really look forward to seeing what happens in the off-season and next year. But we have plenty of time for that. This weekend is about one thing: sweeping the Tigers.

The Tigers have 80 wins. So if they don't win again, they'll be a losing team this season. Ha ha! It's not quite knocking someone out of the playoff race (you're welcome, Angels) but I think it could still be fun. Furthermore, the Orioles currently have one less win this season than they did in all of 2009. If they can win two games this series they will end the year with a better record than their previous season for the first time since 2004 (win totals, 2004-09: 78, 74, 70, 69, 68, 64). I know we were all expecting much more than a one game improvement on last year, and it's not like it means anything in the grand scheme of things, but it would be a nice streak to break, don't you think? And if those reasons aren't enough, there is the fact that if the Orioles go even 1-3 in this series, Buck Showalter will have won as many games as the O's manager as Dave Trembley and Juan Samuel did combined, the difference of course being that it took Trembley/Samuel 105 games and Showalter 57.

Game one of tonight's doubleheader matches up Jeremy Bonderman and Chris Tillman. Both have had their troubles this season so as far as I'm concerned it's anyone's game. It would be really nice to see Tillman go out on a high note, although he went out on a high note last year and look where it got him. I've given Chris a lot of slack this year due to the way he was jerked around and the fact that he's so young, but truth be told I'm getting kinda tired of looking at him. I feel bad about that, so hopefully he'll do something to change my mind tonight. Help me like you, Chris!

Game two of tonight's double header will begin approximately 20 minutes after the conclusion of this game, so stay tuned.

Let's go O's! Sweep the Tigers!