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GameThread: Tigers (80-79) @ Orioles (64-95) Game 2, 7:40 PM

We love you, Guts!
We love you, Guts!

Game two of the double header starts now, with Jeremy Guthrie pitching against Rick Porcello. The O's took the first game and I'm looking for a clean sweep of the double header, which would give the Tigers two swept double headers in a row as they lost two to the Indians on Wednesday.

Guts didn't have his best stuff last two times out vs the Yankees and Blue Jays, but he's been most even keeled starter on the year as he enters his final start on season with a 3.98 ERA and with a career high in innings pitched. Rick Porcello has had his troubles this year but he's put together a number of good starts as well. I think the O's take this game. I'll take Guts over any Tigers pitcher not named Verlander.

Let's go O's!