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Wednesday Bird Droppings


CompleteLee! Road to LCS for Texas: 5th gear | News
"The Rangers secured their position in baseball's version of the Final Four by putting away the Rays, 5-1, in the decisive Game 5 of the AL Division Series on Tuesday night at Tropicana Field. The Rangers have finally erased the stigma of being the only Major League franchise never to have advanced to the League Championship Series."

Cliff Lee is still the coolest — and best — pitcher in the playoffs - Big League Stew
Here's to a few more Cliff Lee starts before he signs with the Yankees and we have to start hating him.


School of Roch: A second look at second base
"Where's Jeff Reboulet when you need him? Actually, Jerry Hairston's out there and he plays a variety of positions, including second base, where he once started for the Orioles. I'm just saying..." Don't say that, Roch.

Steve Melewski: Talking with Buck about the minor leagues
"We have certain things that we should be able to assume when a guy comes through our system. I can tell you that. That will be an expectation I'll have of the people that have them. I think there will be a real clear picture of what I expect to be able to assume when a guy comes through our system," Buck Showalter said.

Orioles Insider: All quiet on coaching front
Buck Showalter is undergoing knee surgery today, so there's little to no chance any changes to the coaching staff will be announced today.


YouTube - Baltimore Orioles Earl Weaver in his last game in 1982 as described by Howard Cosell
Mid way through the 1982 season, Earl Weaver announced he would retire at the end of the year. After the last game, here's the ovation he received. H/T to my friend Howard Roberts, who posted this on Facebook this morning.