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Thursday Bird Droppings


Giants wave a magic Juan, walk off for 3-1 lead | News
And has one of the most irrelevant lede paragraphs in baseball memory. You gotta read it to believe it.

CC y'all in Texas: Yanks force Game 6 | News
"There is no one the Yankees would rather turn to in a potential elimination game than CC Sabathia, and the ace delivered hope, forcing the American League Championship Series back to Texas with a 7-2 victory over the Rangers on Wednesday." They failed to mention the dying child he rescued from a clubhouse fire in the 6th inning and how he magically healed Tex's hamstring with some ice and lighter fluid after the game. Can't believe they missed that.


Steve Melewski: After surgery, Erbe looks for smoother, cleaner mechanics
"This gives me a chance to start over and create enough muscle memory in the throwing process that when I throw bullpens and in games the mechanics will be a lot smoother and cleaner."

2011 Top 10 prospects: Tampa Bay Rays and Baltimore Orioles - Hardball Times
How bad is our system? Hardball Times lists Matt Hobgood as our #3 prospect. Ouch.

Britt's Bird Watch: Odds and Ends
*It's been written and speculated that Terry Crowley is a lock to come back as hitting coach and that may end up being true. However, nothing is set in stone and a scenario where Crowley comes back as some kind of instructor or roving role isn't out of the question. " Britt, please don't give us false hope.

Winter Leagues: Arizona Fall League: Statistics | Events
Wynn Pelzer got a hold!