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Friday Bird Droppings


Doc gives Phils a shot, prescribes home remedy | News
The Phils won, and needs to fire most of their writing staff.

Colin Cowherd sticks by his accusations of Rangers' Cliff Lee | The Dallas Morning News
"Yet when he faced Baltimore and Kansas City, two teams with no shot to get him that he'd never play for, he mailed it in. Say what you want - he couldn't get to the fifth inning against the Orioles. But he owned the Yankees, owned the Rays, what does that tell you? It tells you that he's a human being. What I would say to that is when you go on a date with a pretty girl, you amp it up." In case you needed any more reasons to despise Colin Cowherd.


School of Roch: Allenson, Matusz, Tillman, etc. (updated)
Gary Allenson isn't exactly fretting over his job security, since he's never had any as a minor league manager and coach. And Brian Matusz and Chris Tillman aren't in Arizona at Athletes Performance Institute, they're headed to California for a place closer to their homes.

School of Roch: Some spring training dates
The Orioles will not play the Cardinals next year, and other details about the O's Spring Training schedule.

Steve Melewski: Will there be a logjam at the upper levels on the farm?
We may not have the best prospects in MLB, but we may have too many players vying for the same spots in AAA Norfolk's lineup in 2011.

Showalter, front office meet on state of O's | News
"We talked about the club, where it is, where we hoped it would be," Showalter said of a squad that went 34-23 after he took over the club on Aug. 2. "I think it was more Andy, kind of updating him on some things he didn't know about. It was good."

Orioles Insider: Townsend to have surgery; AFL stint over 
"Orioles infield prospect Tyler Townsend will have surgery to remove a cyst from his hand." Please, more details!

Orioles Insider: Crowley, Orioles discussing change in roles
"The Orioles are currently discussing an adviser/instructor type position with Terry Crowley, an arrangement that will end his long stint as the team’s hitting coach but keep him in a prominent role in the organization. The deal has not been finalized, according to multiple sources, and the Orioles remain open to Crowley returning for his 13th straight season as Orioles’ hitting coaching and his 17th overall." Looks like Britt was right yesterday.

Sanchez learns from Harper, goes deep | News
Scottsdale in the AFL goes down in defeat, and Oliver Drake doesn't have a good day.