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ALCS GameThread: New York Yankees (2) @ Texas Rangers (3), 8:07 PM

So you guys have heard me speak of my Yankee loving BFF before. She's coming to town this weekend and if there is a game seven of the ALCS, she and I will be watching it together. I love my friend. In addition to all of the other wonderful things about her, I love what a fantastic baseball fan she is, and if there is a game seven I'll be by her side keeping my sarcastic quips to a minimum while she watches and hopes that her team makes it to the World Series. We don't enjoy trash talking each others teams the way some people do. I don't know if it's different for girls or if it's just different for us, but we don't do it. So even though I'll be hoping the Yankees lose (and she knows that I'm hoping the Yankees lose), I won't be able to let go with my usual thoughts.

I really don't want there to be a game seven.