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Saturday Bird Droppings

The Rangers found their pile jumpers. Let's find ours. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
The Rangers found their pile jumpers. Let's find ours. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Getty Images


Rangers top Yankees in Game 6, advance to first ever World Series | HardballTalk
"Colby Lewis pitched the proverbial "game of his life," allowing just three hits over eight innings of one-run ball. The only run scored on a blown wild pitch call by home plate umpire Brian Gorman in the top of the fifth inning. Otherwise, the Yankees couldn’t touch him."

Whatever we think about the Texas Rangers and Texas in general, these fans will stir up some emotion in you. I'm jealous. - Stacey

From Rangers fans in the stands: 'I don't think you understand what this means to us' | Dallas Morning News
Again, I'm jealous. -Stacey

ALCS MVP Josh Hamilton and Texas Rangers teammates relish in beating Yankees for AL pennant
"They beat us in New York in the last game there, but other than that, did they really have a chance?" Kinsler asked. - Stacey

When the New York Yankees Lose, Other Teams Do, Too -
"According to a Wall Street Journal study of the team's spending patterns since 1995, the worse the Yankees perform in the final two rounds of the postseason, the more money they spend poaching talent from other teams over the next 10 months."

MLB considers creating 7-day DL for concussions - MLB -
"Major League Baseball might create a 7-day disabled list just for players with concussions as soon as next season, a person familiar with the proposal told The Associated Press. "


Piden 20 años para acusado de estafar con $50 millones (20 years for two accused of bilking $50 million) -
The article is in Spanish, obviously, but two men have been sentenced to prison for embezzling $50 million in a land deal involving Julio Lugo. I'm working off a Google Translate translation. Anyone who knows Spanish want to give it a try?

Orioles Insider: Wakamatsu has talked to Showalter, weighing other options
"I’ve talked to Buck a little about it, just the situation that’s going on there," Don Wakamatsu said. "We haven’t talked about anything concrete yet. He’s putting together his coaching staff, and I’m weighing my options."

Under the microscope: Quentin | Blogs
Bruce Miles of the Chicago Daily Harold suggests that the White Sox trade Carlos Quentin and Gavin Floyd to the White Sox for Nick Markakis. What say you? -Stacey

Bill Simmons: October mailbag - ESPN
A fan wishes Dexter from the Showtime series could take his show on the road and off GMs and owners. Here's a concocted e-mail Bill thinks would be a good episode: "Hi, I've been an Orioles fan since the Brooks Robinson days. My son is 9 years old and doesn't have a single positive Orioles memory. He wants to start rooting for the Red Sox; I don't know how to stop him. Do you think Dexter could kill Peter Angelos on this week's episode? I'm begging you. Please. Do this for me."

Orioles Insider: Random Orioles news and notes
"The Orioles opted against having organizational meetings last year, but MacPhail felt it was important to have them this offseason. These meetings will include Showalter, his coaching staff, the front office and all the organization’s scouts."

Steve Melewski: Building the model franchise
"What makes a good franchise? Is it one that produces a steady stream of talent through its farm system? Is it simply completely about wins, no matter what method you get them? Is about consistent winning or the ability to produce a potential World Champion every, say, five to ten years?"

School of Roch: Should Orioles consider Mark Reynolds?
"I bring up his name because I'm told that one of the talk shows on sports-radio KTAR in Phoenix devoted significant air time to the idea of the Arizona Diamondbacks trading Reynolds to the Orioles for some pitching help." Right....because no one locally has ever brought it up. Certainly not the winner of the 2009 Mobbies for Best Orioles Blog.

Pending Options: Second Basemen | FanGraphs Baseball
Just be glad we're not in desperate need of a second baseman.