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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Ok, listen up people. There is a new sheriff in town. Duck is taking a break from Bird Droppings so you've got me for the rest of the week. What does this mean for you? Well for one thing, those of you who are used to this post being up at the crack of dawn have another thing coming. I'll try to have it up by nine. No promises. That's...really the only difference I guess.  Oh, and I'm bringing back the quote of the day. 

Back@You: Adam (Not PacMan) Jones Edition -
ESPN seems to think Adam Jones' Twitter is the most interesting thing ever. I...don't really get it.

Steve Melewski: The O's in winter ball: Not a long list
Who knew that minor leaguers went to Australia for winter ball? 

Peoria Saguaros 6, Scottsdale Scorpions 4
Only Xavier Avery and Kam Mickolio appeared for the Orioles. Avery was 0-2 with a walk and Mickolio pitched a perfect 7th inning. 

Orioles Insider: Could Kranitz end up in pinstripes?
The Yankees fired their pitching coach, so could Girardi's buddy Rick Kranitz be in the running for the job?

Francona: Farrell deserved to manage - Extra Bases - Red Sox blog
And with the Red Sox losing their pitching coach to the Blue Jays, both Rick Kranitz and Mike Griffin, currently the Norfolk Tides' pitching coach, could be possibilities to replace him.

Blue Jays name Farrell new manager | News
Brian Butterfield, rumored to be a potential target for Buck Showalter's coaching staff, has decided to stay on with the Toronto Blue Jays as third base coach.

Joe Posnanski " Posts Too Much Info About Game 1 Starters
Lots of information about pitchers who have started game one of the World Series. 

The Associated Press: Union would consider bigger playoffs
More wild cards! A seven game division series! Let's make the season go until December!

"Bull Durham" creator putting together a baseball TV series | HardballTalk
Hounds Dogs will air on TBS and center around a minor league baseball team.

Vladimir Guerrero named AL Comeback Player of the Year by peers | The Dallas Morning News
Not a bad choice, I'd say, considering he looked kinda crappy last year and kinda great this year.

Mike Sragow Gets Reel: 'Jews and Baseball' at Cinefest tonight -
First of all, who even knew there was a Baltimore Jewish Film Festival? I mean, I guess I'm not their target demographic but it seems like a funny thing for me to have just never heard of. Anyway, tonight is closing night for the fest and they're screening what this dude at the Sun calls a "jaunty, engaging documentary." I love the word jaunty.

She is the only evidence of God I have seen with the exception of the mysterious force that removes one sock from the Open Thread every time I do my laundry.