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Friday Bird Droppings

Question of the Day: In yesterday's Bird Droppings, we realized that the Orioles have quite a bit of money coming off the books this winter with the expiring of a bunch of contracts, foolish and otherwise. Upon further research, after arbitration hearings, the Orioles should have about $23 million dollars to spend to reach 2010's Opening Day Payroll. The question is this: How much of that chunk of change do you want to spend on free agency? Pocket for later use? Stuff into international free agency? Or the draft? What do you think the Orioles should do with their cash surplus? -Andrew

Orioles Insider: Some Orioles' coaching staff thoughts
Dan Connolly breaks down the coaching staff possibilities. I tell you, I can't wait for something real to happen so we can stop focusing on this every day.

Leo Mazzone wants to be Yankees’ or Mets’ pitching coach | HardballTalk
Funny how this guy is still looking for a job.

Supreme Court upholds Orioles deal |
The Florida Supreme Court ruled that Sarasota didn't violate any laws in their deal with the Orioles. So that's that.

Barry Bonds wants to share hitting tips as coach - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
I know Mark McGwire did it, but would baseball really accept Bonds back into the fold?

Around SB Nation

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Did you ever wonder why the Royals didn't make the playoffs this year? Royals Review breaks it down.

Carl Crawford Going Away Present - Interested? - DRaysBay
The guys at DRaysBay are thinking of taking out an ad thanking Carl Crawford for being so awesome. I'm sure he'll appreciate that after he signs with the Orioles.

Five Young Pirates Who Could Make An Impact Next Year - Bucs Dugout
Another floundering team searches for reasons to be optimistic.