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Postseason Game Thread: Reds @ Phillies, Braves @ Giants


The American League gets the night off as the Twins and Yankees travel to New York and the Rays and Rangers travel to Texas. Both ALDSs could be short as the Rangers and Yankees will both go for the sweep on Saturday.

Cincinnati Reds @ Philadelphia Phillies, 6:07 PM (Philly leads 1-0)
Look, the Reds are a good story and all, but there is absolutely no way they can beat the Phillies. After the laughable Edinson Volquez/Roy Halladay match-up on Wednesday, tonight the Reds send Bronson Arroyo out to face the second best Roy on the Phillies, Roy Oswalt. Best of luck, Reds.  You're gonna need it.

Atlanta Braves @ San Francisco Giants, 9:37 PM (SF leads 1-0)
If you missed it last night, Tim Lincecum pitched an absolutely filthy game, allowing just two hits and striking out fourteen. The Giants aren't much for the hitting, but with that kind of performance it doesn't matter. Unfortunately for the Braves, the only run of the game was scored by a guy who was actually thrown out at second base. Too bad the umpire missed the call. I'm honestly tired of talking and hearing about the umpires already this postseason. Hopefully it will be a non-issue tonight. Tommy Hanson faces Matt Cain as the Braves try to even the series.

Here is your irritating Yankee fact of the day: Per, the Yankees infield for game one of the ALDS (including CC Sabathia) has the second highest payroll in the playoffs at $118M. Only the entire Phillies team makes more.