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Postseason Game Thread: Rays @ Rangers, Twins @ Yankees


The National League gets the night off for traveling. Two possible sweeps are looming in the AL.

Tampa Bay Rays @ Texas Rangers, 5:07 PM (Texas leads 2-0)
The Rays offense just hasn't been firing on all cylinders, or even any cylinders, against the Texas pitching staff in the first two games of the series. They now hit the road to try to prolong the series. Can they fend off the sweep? The starting matchup is Colby Lewis for Texas against Matt Garza for Tampa Bay.

Minnesota Twins @ New York Yankees, 8:37 PM (New York leads 2-0)
Maybe Minnesota can touch up Phil Hughes for some runs. More likely they get swept, the Yankees obliterate the Rangers pitching, and then win the World Series again, leaving me as a sad panda.