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Vote Camden Chat for the Mobbies

This is the second year that the Baltimore Sun has held a contest for Maryland's Outstanding Blogs. Last year Camden Chat took home the prize for Best Orioles Blog, and rightly so. If I may be so bold, we kick ass. We're defending our title this year against a few big names, including Roch Kubatko and Steve Melewski from MASN.

Anyway, if you'll indulge me and vote for Camden Chat once per day, I'd really appreciate it. Voting runs through November 12th. You do have to register once to vote (I used my twitter account to register, actually), but it's not too tough and only the first time.

Thanks for your support! You can be sure that I'll remind you a few more times to vote before it's all said and done. There is an icon on the left sidebar that you can click on to vote, or follow this link.