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Thanksgiving in Birdland

2010 was quite a year. As Orioles fans, our faith was tested time and again. Before April was over I doubted my ability to spend the season writing about them. I have the distinct memory of writing a very short post-game after the Orioles lost to the Mariners 8-2 and thinking, "I can't do it. I cannot write this stuff every night until October. I'll die." The Orioles had been no-hit into the 7th inning by Doug Fister and were 2-12 on the season, and I was miserable. I couldn't have named one thing about the Orioles to be thankful for then. But time (and Buck Showalter) heals.

I like the timing of Thanksgiving in relation to the baseball season. We're far enough removed from the end of the last season that we can see the good and bad with a little clarity, and we're far enough away from the start of next season (and early enough into the hot stove season) that we're free to be as fanciful as we wish in imagining what is in store for our team.

We don't have it so bad, really. We have Buck Showalter on our side, who I'm fairly certain is sorcerer of some sort. Andy MacPhail always looks dapper in his sweater vests and one day might even sign a big name free agent. Brian Matusz finished the season brilliantly and looks poised for a breakout next year. Matt Wieters was the best defensive catcher in the American League in 2010, Brian Roberts came back healthy at the end of the season, and Luke Scott and Felix Pie made my heart grow three sizes this year. If not for the Orioles I wouldn't have you fine people to chat with every day, a number of whom I count among my personal friends. The Orioles are even kinda responsible for me meeting a boy I'm a little bit crazy about, so they really have given me reason to be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving, Camden Chatters. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow eating turkey and pumpkin pie and spending time with your loved ones. I'll see you on the other side of the holiday, just in time for the Orioles to announce they've signed Carl Crawford.