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Sunday Bird Droppings

Hope you remembered to set back your clocks, or you're going to be waaaaaay early for church or wherever you're going.

And we're reaching the home stretch of voting for The Mobbies at The Sun. There's a lot of great Orioles blogs and websites on the list, and it would be a beautiful thing if Camden Chat finished in first. So, go vote for today, will ya already? Vote every day!

UPDATE: Orioles Hangout is gaining on us. They're floating a rumor that you're not limited to one vote a day. Do with that information what you will, but they have a pink up arrow today and we have a black down arrow. We're counting on you guys! GO VOTE! And make sure it's for Best Orioles Blog, not just Best Overall Blog. 

Orioles Insider: Comparing the Orioles' 2010 roster construction to 2007
Dan Connolly compares how the 2010 Orioles were built and compares the effort that went into the 2007 Orioles.

Steve Melewski: Is this baseball's silly season?
Did you know that baseball executives don't always say who they want to target in free agency and sometimes they don't say anything?

Orioles Insider: Datz gone; Hoey gets 40-man call
Jeff Datz took a job with the Mariners, and the Orioles apparently think Jim Hoey might get taken in the rule five.

Jason Berken hosts All-Star Clinic - Fox11 Online
I do hope the camp attendees realize Jason Berken has never actually been to an All-Star Game. Well, as a player, anyway. Maybe he bought a ticket once. 

Most Deluded Person of the 2010 Off-Season (So Far) | FanGraphs Baseball
So who has a more-inflated sense of self-worth: Bruce Chen or Derek Jeter?

Catholic nuns sell Honus Wagner card for $262,000 - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
The School Sisters of Notre Dame hit the jackpot.

Winter-ball injury has Moyer's future in doubt | News
It might be the end of the road for Jamie Moyer. And as crazy that it is that he pitched this long, it still seems crazy to imagine baseball without him. 

Major League Baseball 2010/2011 Hot Stove Tracker | News
Nothing has happened yet, but every season MLB puts together a good FA tracker for reference during the off-season. I dig it. 

Memories of Sparky
Tommy Lasorda shares his memories of his friendship with Sparky Anderson, which started way back in 1949 when they were both in the Dodger organization. 

Hello ladies. Look at your man, now back to the open thread,  now back at your man, now back to the open thread, sadly he isn't the open thread.