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Monday Bird Droppings

Good morning, Birdland! I'm cheerful because it's just a three day work week for me. They should all be so short, don't you think? There are five days left to vote for us in the Mobbies, so get over there and do your civic duty. And while you're there, scroll on down and vote for Testudo Times (Terps) and Baltimore Beatdown (Ravens). They are our SB Nation brethren, they do a bang up job, and they need a little help. 

Question of the Day: We've been talking a lot about potential free agents for the Orioles this winter, and a lot of talk has been given to potential stop-gap players due in large part to the generally weak free agent class. What qualities are you looking for in an ideal stopgap player (yes, I know - that's a contradiction in terms)? For example, you might want someone who above all else can stay healthy all year, or perhaps you want someone with solid defensive skills first and foremost. What makes your ideal stopgap player? -Andrew

Catching Up With...Ryan Adams | Delmarva Shorebirds News
Over the next several weeks, will catch up with former Shorebirds in the Arizona Fall League. This week, Ryan Adams took time out of his schedule to talk about his 2010 season, Bryce Harper and more. 

Catching up With...Pat Egan | Delmarva Shorebirds News
Same thing but Pat Egan. Am I the only one who never heard of Pat Egan before the AFL?

Orioles Insider: Connor agrees to be Orioles' pitching coach
Mark Connor joins ol' buddy Buck Showalter as the new pitching coach of the Orioles. Expect an official announcement some time today.

Steve Melewski: Under the radar minor leaguers
Apparently Ronnie Welty is a pouter. That's just fantastic.

Orioles look to continue to 'grow arms, buy bats' as they gear up for free agency -
A nice long "welcome to the off-season" article, although I swear if the Orioles sign Aubrey Huff I will FLIP OUT. Oh, and the Rays used to be our ray of hope, now it is apparently the Giants

Rays fans prepared for Crawford to bid farewell
Aw, this made me kind of sad. 

Last night, the open thread came down from planet Vulcan and told me that if I didn't take Lorraine out that he'd melt my brain*. 
*Big thanks go out to birdman for providing so many awesome quotes of the day.