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Tuesday Bird Droppings

There are four days left to vote for us in the Mobbies, so get over there and do your civic duty. And while you're there, scroll on down and vote for Testudo Times (Terps) and Baltimore Beatdown (Ravens). They are our SB Nation brethren, they do a bang up job, and they need a little help. 

Question of the Day: In a weak market for middle infielders, and with the Orioles in need of someone to take over and not be terrible (at the plate AND in the field) until the next generation of Orioles get here, a new face has emerged: the Chiba Lotte Marines are going to post Pacific League hit king Tsuyoshi Nishioka. Is this a guy worth spending what could be a hefty penny on? -Andrew

On to the news!

School of Roch: Will Markakis be a golden newbie?
"I wouldn't expect Adam Jones to be a repeat winner - I'm sure we would have read it on Twitter or MySpace - but shouldn't Nick Markakis be recognized this year?"

Samuel could be leaning toward joining Phils | News
Looks like the Windmill might not return after all. - Stacey

O's spring home renovations on schedule | News
The last piece of new steel was placed during a topping ceremony Monday. The project is on target to be done on time, according to Janet Marie Smith, O's VP for Planning and Development.

Orioles Insider: Wakamatsu heads to Blue Jays 
And the search for a bench coach starts anew.

Orioles Insider: Orioles notes: Dunn, Gillick, Sarfate, Iwakuma
Former bullpen coach Alan Dunn stays in the organization, Pat Gillick is up for the Hall of Fame, Dennis Sarfate and Scott Moore became minor league free agents and the O's didn't bid on Hisashi Iwakuma.

Baltimore Orioles Baseball Blog - Covering the Baltimore Orioles
Dempsey's Army wants Adam Dunn for four years and does his best to prove that Dunn won't age poorly in that span. - Stacey

Baseball Brawl – 1980 – Orioles-Twins | Minnesota Twins Fan Store
Cool video of a fight in 1980 with Rick Dempsey and Ken Singleton. - Stacey

Which AL Prospects Could Be In An Opening Day Rotation? - Beyond the Box Score
BtB identifies Zach Britton as one minor leaguer who is good enough right now to be in the majors. - Stacey

Getting Out of the Cellar: Baltimore Orioles | FanGraphs Baseball
FanGraphs looks at the O's needs and possible solutions. - Stacey

Orioles Buzz - Orioles, Nationals, Ravens on
Rick VandenHurk will blog about his European trip with fellow O's Adam Jones and Jeremy Guthrie. I assume Adam Jones will find most of Belgium to be brackin'.

Miller, Morgan out as 'Sunday Night Baseball' announcers -
The good news? Joe Morgan got fired! The bad news? So did Jon Miller. No replacements have been named.