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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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Question of the Day: I'm against bringing in expensive free agent relievers when there are usually plenty of homegrown guys who can provide the same work. One of those homegrown guys for the Orioles is Kam Mickolio. Kam is however quickly running out of minor-league options but has been pretty horrible on the mound so far. Where does Mickolio fit into your vision of the Orioles' future? -Andrew

Adam Dunn taking big chance in free agency - | FOX Sports on MSN
Jon Morosi puts the Orioles on the list of best fits for Adam Dunn but wonders how much his anti-DH stance has hurt him.

O’s new bench coach Willie Randolph « WJZ FM
Willie Randolph talked to Mark Zinno on 105.7 yesterday. The audio runs about 9 minutes, but it's good stuff. I think I'm gonna like Willie Randolph. 

Martinez may direct energy to Nicaragua academy | Springfield News-Leader
Former Oriole Dennis Martinez has the career goal of being a major league pitching coach, but in the meantime he is helping out his home country of Nicaragua by establishing a baseball academy for the youngsters. 

Steve Melewski: The offseason plan for Matt Hobgood
Operation: Skinny Hobgood is still in motion and so far it appears to be on track. 

Jamie Moyer to Have Tommy John Surgery, Plans to Pitch Again -- MLB FanHouse
I think you are awesome, Jamie Moyer, but seriously?

Memo to Selig: Leave the playoffs alone - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
Jeff Passan with a great article on all the things wrong with expanding the playoffs. 

Unlikely pair vie for a spot in right field |
A couple of American bald eagles have taken up residence in the right field light bank at Ed Smith Stadium, and they're messing up things for the construction crews. Thanks a lot, bald eagles. 

With Derek Jeter, Yankees must confront value of an icon - Tom Verducci -
Verducci compares the current Jeter situation to Cal Ripken in 1997.

Giants agree to 1-year deal with SS Miguel Tejada to replace World Series MVP Renteria -
MIggi is sticking with the NL West. As he should.

The Royle Rundown: Updates on Orioles' targets
Jen Royle wonders if Jason Varitek might be the veteran catcher the Orioles need. She also thinks Johnny Damon might be a good fit because he'll give the clubhouse a few good laughs. She also, for the first time since I started reading her articles, correctly placed the apostrophe in "let's." I am totally taking credit for that. 

School of Roch: Allenson's return to Norfolk
Gary Allenson is sad that he doesn't get to stay in Baltimore. 

Get Rid Of Free Agent Compensation | FanGraphs Baseball
Dave Cameron makes the case to eliminate compensation for Type A and B free agents, arguing that it is more about teams gaming the system than rewarding teams who can't hold onto their players. 

OFF TOPIC: Walking Dead Writing Staff Let Go - TV News at IGN
"Deadline is reporting that executive producer Frank Darabont has let go of the show's entire writing staff, including his number 2, Charles H. Eglee (Dexter, The Shield). As Deadline notes, many shows have some writer changes in-between seasons, but it's unusual for such a major overhaul. " -duck 

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