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Friday Bird Droppings

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The winter meetings are over, which means today will probably be quiet, which is sad. So much excitement this week! 

The J.J. Hardy Trade: Minnesota’s Side | FanGraphs Baseball
FanGraphs thinks that MInnesota just made itself a weaker team.

The J. J. Hardy Trade: Baltimore’s Side | FanGraphs Baseball
"A nice move by the Orioles that could use a few more bright spots." I assume he means the Orioles could use a few more bright spots, not the move. 

Drunk Jays Fans: Winter Meetings: So... That's That?
Not that I pity Jays fans, but these guys are a hoot. -duck

Orioles got better, but it still may not be enough -
Tell us something we don't know, Zrebiec.

Orioles Insider: J.J. Hardy reacts to trade, being an Oriole
Some good quotes from our new shortstop. I love that he's our new shortstop. You know how sometimes, when you get a new boyfriend or husband or wife or something, you find yourself finding reasons to say boyfriend or wife more than usual? That's how I feel about J.J. Hardy, our new shortstop. He's our shortstop. 

Willie Randolph excited about position with Orioles |
Willie wants the Orioles have a tough attitude. 

Who taught you how to use this stuff?  The open thread alright!  I learned it by watching the open thread.