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Monday Bird Droppings

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Did everyone have a lovely weekend? I certainly did. Hopefully there will be plenty of delicious O's news this week to discuss while we wait for spring (108 days until Opening Day!). Some of these links are a few days old, but you know, no BD on the weekend.

Baltimore Orioles Top 20 Prospects for 2011 | Minor League Ball
John Sickels released his rankings for the O's with only two A prospects (Manny Machado and Zach Britton) and two B prospects (Dan Klein and Mychal Givens).

Berken confident he'll bounce back from shoulder tear | Green Bay Press Gazette
Jason Berken is dragging Brian Matusz to a baseball camp in Wisconsin in January, and he's also sure he'll be ready to pitch when Spring Training starts. 

Brady Anderson talks about Reynolds | School of Roch
It turns out that Brady Anderson not only works out with Nolan Reimold but also Mark Reynolds. Anderson, predictably, loves him.

Checking in on Australia | MASN Sports
Steve Melewski provides an update on the O's minor leaguers playing winter ball in Australia. 

New York Times mistakes Earl Weaver for being dead | Baltimore Sports Report
Earl Weaver isn't dead, you know.

The Redemption of Andy MacPhail | Orioles Hangout
Just a week ago, many O's fans were ready to run MacPhail out of town. But after his success at the winter meetings, Paul Folkemer believes he has earned a reprieve.

Flashback Friday: Don Buford's Five Strikeout Day | Roar From 34
The acquisition of strikeout machine Mark Reynolds got Matt at RF34 thinking about Don Buford's Orioles' record of once striking out five times in one game. 

I still think the O’s could contend in ’11 | Baltimore Sports and Life
Chris Stoner throws out a bunch of things that have to happen for the Orioles to contend in 2011.

Orioles: Grading the Winter Meetings | The Loss Column
Neal at the The Loss Column gives the offseason so far a grade of B. 

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