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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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Before you say anything, yes I know what time it is. 

Orioles Insider: Koji happy to be back, sideburns and all; Arrieta feeling good; Reynolds the recruiter
Lots of fun stuff in here. Koji's sideburns are still fantastic and he wanted to return to the Orioles because he likes it here. Really! And Mark Reynolds is texting Adam LaRoche being all, "Dude! In Baltimore you might be one of the better players on the team!"

Jeremy Accardo, Orioles Reportedly Agree to 1-Year Deal -- MLB FanHouse
One year, $1.08M. 

Red Sox Sign Matt Albers - Over the Monster
Matt Albers is now with the Red Sox while the Orioles throw millions at Kevin Gregg. I'm not saying Kevin Gregg isn't better, but is he $12M better?

Orioles closing in on Gregg - Scoop Du Jour - MLB  - Yahoo! Sports
The deal isn't finished yet, but the O's ares still the front runners.

Eagles removed from Ed Smith Stadium lights
The American eagles that had taken up residence at Ed Smith Stadium have been moved to Dollywood. They're so lucky!

Reynolds can't wait to get started with Orioles | News
I'm sure it's just P.R., but it's still nice to hear someone being psyched to come to Charm City. -zk