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Thursday Bird Droppings

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Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Feller dies at 92 - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN
Bob Feller, the Iowa farm boy whose powerful right arm earned him the nickname ''Rapid Robert'' and made him one of baseball's greatest pitchers during a Hall of Fame career with the Cleveland Indians, has died. He was 92.

Oriole Magic! Earl Weaver confirms he's still alive, corrects NYT - Big League Stew
I know this is old news, but I love that Earl Weaver "denied the allegations." - Stacey

Orioles | More on Koji Uehara contract - KFFL
Some Koji contract details. Did you know he has a limited no-trade clause? -zk

Orioles Insider: Orioles not raising 2011 season ticket prices
"For the fourth consecutive year, the Orioles are not raising season-ticket prices for any of their packages, according to the club’s annual renewal letter sent out this week."

Steve Melewski: Avery reflects on his AFL experience
Xavier Avery didn't do much in the Arizona Fall League, but felt like he got better. Dude, you hit .188 in 21 games with just 5 RBI and 0 HR. What, exactly, did you work on?

School of Roch: Paying the utilities
"I know against right-handed pitching...I know what you're saying, but the offseason's not done," he said. "There are some options we're looking at. We look and see the same thing you're talking about." Buck Showalter not only makes out line ups in December, he's also psychic, predicting reporter's questions. What can't he do?

Source: Kevin Gregg, Baltimore Orioles close; Boston Red Sox, Washington Nationals lingering - ESPN Boston
"Right-handed reliever Kevin Gregg is close to signing a two-year deal with the Baltimore Orioles worth $12 million, according to a league source." Here's a thought, Kevin. Don't blow the lead in the home opener after pitching horribly in two of the three road games to start the season. We don't like that much.

PressBox: Reynolds And Hardy Form New Left Side Of Infield
"Where other general managers saw red flags -- injuries, underachievement, inconsistency and too many strikeouts -- Andy MacPhail saw promise and potential."

Another Case Where ERA Deceives | FanGraphs Baseball
I love me some "Player A" versus "Player B" debates. I do that all the time with Dave Stewart.

Berken Baseball Camp next month | Green Bay Press Gazette
"The fourth annual Berken Baseball Camp, featuring De Pere native and Baltimore Orioles pitcher Jason Berken, will be held Jan. 15 and 16 at the West De Pere High School..." Wait, the fourth annual? That was a bit presumptuous, Jason.

Japan-U.S. Baseball: Toward a 'Real' World Series? - Japan Real Time - WSJ
Not really. Not only does the article pour cold water on any thought of a "global" World Series, it also mentioned that Japanese pro players haven't committed to playing in the World Baseball Classic in 2013.

Revisiting the 1971 Orioles and their four 20-game winners - Big League Stew
BLS gives some love to the 1971 Orioles rotation.

As I say, it's no skin off my nose. But one of these days this bright young man is going to be asking Open Thread for a job.