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Friday Bird Droppings

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Relievers Are Not Worth Multi-Year Deals | FanGraphs Baseball
FanGraphs makes the case that relievers aren't worth multi-year deals. They list the worst (in terms of WAR) deals of the past few years. Guess which team gave out multi-year deals to the worst, third worst and fifth worst relief pitcher for that period. I'll give you a hint - it's not the Rays. -duck

The Toy Department: Recommended reading: A real connection
Steven Smith, 24, a former Orioles intern, died in a car crash and was buried Thursday. But the Twitter community he spawned before and after his passing continues to grow. - duck

MLB 11: The Show Launch Trailer Delivers High, Dramatic Heat; First Details Revealed -
MLB 11 apparently lives up to the hype. -duck 

Orioles in mix for two coveted first basemen | News
Britt Ghiroli: LaRoche or Lee, backup plans, veteran innings eater, blah blah blah. -zk

School of Roch: Ohman: "I'm not going to close the door"
The O Man wouldn't mind returning to Baltimore. I wouldn't mind having him, especially in this crazy market for relief pitching.

Orioles Insider: Market for relief is moving fast 
"If they don't land Gregg...they'll probably turn to trying to sign either Grant Balfour or Jon Rauch." NOOOOO Grant Balfour! 

The Royle Rundown: First base appears to be O's priority
According to Royle, a source close to Adam LaRoche says that the Orioles offered him a three year deal. She is only person reporting this from what I can tell. NO NO NO three year deal! 

Early Look At The 2011 Orioles | Camden Crazies
The other day I posted an article by Chris Stoner about how the Orioles can compete in 2011, and Daniel Moroz has written a rebuttal.

Stat Speak: History handed to Markakis, Matusz |
Brooks Robinson played with Jim Palmer who played with Cal Ripken who played with Brian Roberts who plays with Brian Matusz and Nick Markakis who will hopefully be the next generation of awesome Orioles. 

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