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Thursday Bird Droppings

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Elrod Hendricks, 1940-2005. (Photo: Robert Laberge, 
Getty Images Sport)
Elrod Hendricks, 1940-2005. (Photo: Robert Laberge, Getty Images Sport)

Orioles Insider: Remembering Elrod
"Elrod Hendricks would have been 70 years old today. Yesterday was the five-year anniversary of his death."

Looking at Orioles' first base options -
Peter Schmuck jumps on the "Sign Jim Thome!" bandwagon. Although he'd be OK with Vlad Guerrero, at DH, too. Either way, I hope Luke Scott owns a 1B glove.

Inbox: Can Buck Showalter help the Orioles land talent? | News
Brittany Ghiroli answers some of her readers' questions. She also thinks Luke Scott may be the backup plan at 1B, the O's have little to no interest in bringing back Kevin Millwood, but have precious little to offer in a trade for a starter.

A third option for the Orioles at first base | HardballTalk
HBT summarizes a Buster Olney ESPN Insider article where Buster offers the following solution - why not just sign two cheap 1B and have them platoon? Troy Glaus from the right, Russell Branyan or Jason Giambi from the left, and Luke Scott can DH.

Sabermetricians discuss the Orioles | Baltimore Sports and Life
Thanks to birdman in yesterday's BD. Dan Szymborski, the Editor-in-Chief of Baseball Think Factory, holds forth on the O's.

Explore Howard: The Driver's Seat / Astros, White Sox rely on former Orioles as instructors
More former Orioles players and/or coaches find employment elsewhere in this tough economy.

Sarasota awarded costs in stadium lawsuits |
"Sarasota County was awarded nearly $20,000 in litigation costs from citizens groups who sued and lost cases alleging violations of open meetings laws earlier this year." That'll teach 'em! 

Every man on that Open Thread died! Harry wasn't there to save them, because you weren't there to save Harry.