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Christmas Eve Bird Droppings

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Happy almost Christmas, everyone! 

Star Local News >Top 10 Stories of 2010: #8. Plano East alumnus Jake Arrieta debuts for Orioles
His hometown paper seems pretty proud of him - duck

Gov't Had 'Extreme Interest' In Steinbrenner Probe : NPR
"Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox expressed "extreme interest" in a 1970s criminal investigation of New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner for illegal campaign contributions, according to documents released Thursday." -duck

Buck Showalter says that the reports of the offer to Adam LaRoche are not true | HardballTalk
Buck Showalter throws cold water on Jen Royle's reporting of a 3-year deal in the offing for Adam LaRoche. -duck

Padres interested in Brad Hawpe as cheap option at first base | HardballTalk
The Padres look for a cheap 1B option, and target Brad Hawpe's .875+ OPS over the last four years. -duck

Pirates sign Garrett Atkins to minor league contract | HardballTalk
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Wait a minute, let me catch my breath. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...-duck

Rangers sign reliever Arthur Rhodes to one-year contract | HardballTalk
I wish Arthur Rhodes still pitched for the Orioles. Sigh. -duck

(Wow, duck loves clipping from Hardball Talk, huh? Hard to blame him, they are pretty awesome.)

The Infamous Billy Ripken Card: Peeling the Onion | Dempsey's Army
DA breaks down the story behind F*** Face.

PressBox: FCC Decision Keeps MASN Out Of Carolina
The FCC has reversed its two year old decision that Time Warner has to carry MASN, concluding that Time Warner did not discriminate against MASN. Sorry, North Carolina O's fans.