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Monday Bird Droppings

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Happy Monday, everyone. I'm kinda bummed that zk beat me to clipping that Royle story :) 

Sports Stories of the Year: New skipper, new hope for Orioles - Carroll County Times: Local
 Along with a bunch of high school achievements, the Orioles make the list for Top 10 sports moments of 2010. -duck

The Royle Rundown: Something smells crabby in Baltimore
Ahahaha. I hate to provide the traffic, but this is so egregious, I have to link. Play along.... In one column (plus its comments), Jen Royle: a) Tries to make a case for you to believe her over Buck Showalter; b) Says she'd heard Baltimoreans were 'provincial', but 'never thought it would ever be this bad'; c) Denies that provincial has a negative connotation; d) Asks people who disagree with her to stop commenting; e) ALL OF THE ABOVE. -zk

Orioles outfielder Nick Markakis gives back via his foundation | News
Man, this is so awesome. The best right fielder in baseball and his wife Christina continue to donate tons of time and money to local families. Among the things they did this year was to give 21 winter coats (in honor of Nicky's uniform number) to the kids of St. VIncent's Villa. -zk

Phil Wood -
Regardless of what the Orioles do, The Natinals are planning to sign a 1B this week, according to Wood. They're apparently 'close' to a one-year deal with Derrek Lee, who would prefer to stay in the NL. -zk

Fantasy Baseball: Josh Bell or Mat Gamel? - Minor League Ball
Minor League Ball looks at both players and wonders which is more likely to reach his potential. -Stacey

School of Roch: Beltre still isn't the answer
On a slow news day, Roch takes a look at how Adrian Beltre would fit in with the O's. -Stacey