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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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Orioles Insider: Hobgood's 2011 season will be delayed by bad shoulder
Matt Hobgood has a rotator cuff strain, and will most likely stay for extended Spring Training rather than start the MiLB season on time. -duck

New Year's resolutions for every American League team - Cliff Corcoran -
"The Baltimore Orioles resolve to make the lives of the Rays, Yankees and Red Sox miserable." Eh, whatever. There's a great pic of Luuuuuke on the SI MLB homepage, though. -zk

Onion SportsDome - Baltimore Orioles | The Onion Sports Network
(VIDEO). The Onion weighs in on the future of the Orioles. Don't expect much, it's all of 15 seconds long. -zk

My Favorite Story: Orioles' Luke Scott says what’s on his mind - Big League Stew
David Brown recounts his interview with Luke Scott, including an IM conversation with 'Duk after it happened.

Steroids overpower Rafael Palmeiro's Hall of Fame candidacy - ESPN
Palmeiro is on the HoF ballot this year and has overwhelming career numbers, but, well, you know. 

Orioles Insider: Who will O's turn to if spurned by Gregg?
Orioles, I have something to tell you. Kevin Gregg is just not that into you. Zrebeic talks other relief options for when the O's finally realize Gregg isn't The One.

Steve Melewski: O's can never have enough starting pitching
Melewski says he suspects "the O's add one or two pitchers that could push for the back end of the rotation." TWO? I'm on record as being against adding one, but one I could live with. If they sign two starting pitchers, I'll...just complain about it I suppose. 

The Associated Press: Cops: Man playing real-life 'Frogger' hit by SUV
Off-topic, I know. But what the heck?

O's want D. Lee; does D. Lee want O's? - Yardbarker
LATE ADD: Ken Rosenthal sys the O's are back to focusing on Lee. Trouble is, Lee wants to play for a contending west coast team. Oops. -zk

Open thread, this Nazi wants to die for country.  Oblige him!