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New Year's Eve Bird Droppings

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LATE ADDITION: Several media outlets reporting Orioles will sign or have signed Derrek Lee to a one-year deal. 

Orioles' legend Cal Ripken Jr.weighs in on Kanemoto's 'Iron Man' streak |
Tamoaki Kanemoto is the Japanese iron man, having played in 1,763 consecutive games going into this season, so a Japanese newspaper interviewed Cal Ripken about the ins and outs of the streak.

Eller: Palmeiro should get in Hall |
I can't find the full name of the person who wrote this (perhaps this Eller is such a big deal in NoVa that I'm expected to know), but he thinks Rafael Palmeiro should be in the Hall of Fame. 

 The Driver's Seat / O’s top prospect Britton has high hopes for 2011 | Explore Howard
Zach Britton wants to make the rotation out of Spring Training. I'm glad he does, but he better not. Also, did you know that Zach's brother Phil is a catcher in the O's system? I didn't.

Lee leading first base race | School of Roch
Kubatko rides Rosenthal's coattails. Adam LaRoche's demands are too much for the Orioles (since he doesn't want to play here so he'll only come if vastly overpaid) so the O's have set their sights on Derrek Lee again. All this foreplay on the 1B issue, man. Just get to it! 

Hobgood: "O's didn't get damaged goods" | Steve Melewski
Matt Hobgood is kind of relieved to have been diagnosed with something legit, because he had no clue why he wasn't performing as expected. Let's all hope he comes back from his injury rehab better than ever.

Miguel Tejada, 2006 Bowman #150 | Orioles Card "O" the Day
Brotz cracks me up. I also enjoy Miguel Tejada's handwriting. 

On The Orioles Acquisition of JJ Hardy | Camden Crazies
Daniel gives his better-late-than-never analysis on the J.J. Hardy deal. 

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your Open Thread, and let each new year find you a better man.