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Tuesday Bird Droppings

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Reynolds much-needed upgrade for O's - Stats & Info Blog - ESPN
ESPN's Stats & Info blog thinks that Reynolds could be an upgrade not only offensively for the O's, but also defensively.

The Mark Reynolds Trade: Baltimore’s End | FanGraphs Baseball
FanGraphs expects Mark Reynolds to be a 2.5 WAR player next year, and his salary is in line with that expectation, in their view. In other words, Andy MacPhail didn't screw up.

Orioles Insider: Mark Reynolds on the trade, his style and his 2010 season
"Initially I was surprised. I obviously didn’t want to leave. I have my house here, my friends, family, have a pretty good set up with spring training 10 minutes down the road, but I’m looking forward to it. Going back East, I’m from Virginia Beach so it’s a couple hours from my house. It’s going to be a good experience for me. I’m excited to go there and meet the other guys, the coaches, the front office. It’s going to be an adventure and I’m looking forward to it."

Orioles Insider: Orioles' first base options: Willingham? -
Josh Willingham is thought to be an option for 1B for the Orioles, Derrek Lee doesn't appear to be interested, and Ty Wigginton is an option, although a fading one.

Orioles Insider: MacPhail, Showalter and Towers comment on deal
"We’ve made no secret of the fact that we are looking to augment our offense this offseason. We don’t think we’re necessarily done," said Andy MacPhail.

Orioles: Former Orioles GM Pat Gillick to be part of 2011 Hall of Fame class 
Former Orioles GM Pat Gillick makes the cut, while Marvin Miller and George Steinbrenner do not.

'We're not good enough on offense' -
Saw the headline at, and assumed it was about the Orioles. Ends up it's about the Ravens game. Huh.

Reynolds deal just tip of the iceberg for O's | News
"While the Orioles remain confident they will get a first baseman, it's likely they will shore up their bullpen first. Monday's trade sent two young arms out West, leaving the Orioles' bullpen extremely thin. Currently, the O's have eight relievers on their 40-man roster, but six are coming off major injuries in the past two years -- Rick VandenHurk is out of options and Pedro Viola spent last season in Double-A." Well, when you put it that way...

Steve Melewski: Kevin Towers quotes on the Reynolds trade
"I had a chance to see Mickolio in the Arizona Fall League. We had him up to 96 with a power sinker that plays to a right-handed hitter. David Hernandez has not only starting experience, but also has saved a couple of games, which is important to us." So Kevin Towers traded for Mickolio based on what he did in the AFL. Wow.

School of Roch: How does Reynolds trade impact Bell?
According to Roch, the plan was for Josh Bell to start in AAA next year anyway, and he was not going to compete for the ML 3B job, anyway.

New Orioles 3B Mark Reynolds talks to WNST's Rex Snider
In an interview conducted yesterday, Reynolds talks about moving to a new team and his injury last year. (you gotta scroll down a little) 

Orioles Insider: The reported Koji Six, and a stroll around the lobby 
"The word in Japan is the word we hear here: That Koji wants to return to Baltimore but he’d go elsewhere for a two-year deal. And it’s highly unlikely the Orioles offer him a multi-year contract." Why not a two-year deal? Seems a no-brainer to me.

Arizona Adds Mora | FanGraphs Baseball
"Merely hours after agreeing to deal Reynolds to Baltimore, Arizona added third baseman Melvin Mora on a one year, $2 million contract." So, Arizona thinks Mora is a an upgrade over Mark Reynolds? Really?

PressBox: Winter meetings predictions
Pete Kerzel gives his predictions on what will happen, although he guessed wrong an a few particulars of the Reynolds deal.  

An Interview With Alex Anthopoulos |
A great interview of the Blue Jays' GM by Jonah Keri. 

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