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Orioles Tuesday Winter Meetings Roundup

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I think that all of these things have been discussed in one of the posts made today, but I thought it'd be nice to consolidate them for those of you who don't or can't wade that deep into the comments (especially since a crap load of them are about politics). In summary:

The Orioles' hullabaloo at today's winter meetings revolved around the news that the Orioles were close to trading Nolan Reimold and possibly Alfredo Simon to the Tampa Bay Rays for shortstop Jason Bartlett. Birdland recoiled in horror at the very idea while the residents of Rayville thought it was a simply fantastic idea. Thankfully the talks fell apart this afternoon and now it appears that Reimold will not be traded. The latest news on the Orioles shortstop talks comes from Jayson Stark, who tweeted at 6:11 PM:

#Orioles considering other SS options with Bartlett deal on the rocks: trades for Brendan Ryan or JJ Hardy -- or signing FA Orlando Cabrera.

In other Orioles news, there are reports that the Orioles are quite close to re-signing Koji Uehara, although no details of years or money have been released. It's also believed that the Orioles have offered Kevin Gregg a two-year contract, although according to Ken Rosenthal there are a number of other teams going after Gregg including the Red Sox, Nationals, Pirates, and Mariners

In some of the most surprising news of the day, Dan Connolly reported that the Orioles talked to the Brewers about Prince Fielder. The Brewers want young pitching in return and the Orioles won't consider it without the opportunity to sign Fielder to an extension. 

Because the Orioles are under the impression they need to sign another starting pitcher, they talked to the Braves today about Kenshin Kawakami, but Connolly reported that those talks are dead. Thank goodness. He's not very good. 

I think that's all on the Orioles today. Lots of talk, no action. Have y'all heard anything else we should know about?