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Thursday's Thoroughly Non-Political Bird Droppings and WM Update

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Water's wet. Camden Yards is a great place to see a game. We all should exercise more. Dog fighting is bad. Boy, sure is cold out there, huh? 

Yeah, that's about as controversial as I'm getting today. You're getting links to O's news and rumors, and that's it. Enjoy!

UPDATE 12:40: It's official, J.J. Hardy is an Oriole and Koji Uehara has been resigned. (I'm assuming the link works because my work computer's intrnet connection is on the fritz.)

Update 10:04 a.m.: Per Kelsie Smith on Twitter, the J.J. Hardy trade announcement will be made at noon, and it will definitely be Jim Hoey and Brett Jacobson going to the Twins.

UPDATE 9:58 a.m.: The Rule V Draft is over, and the Orioles have selected Adrian Rosario from the Brewers and lost Pat Egan to Milwaukee and Pedro Beato to the New York Mets.

Twins to ship Hardy to Baltimore -
The Twins have agreed to send J.J. Hardy and infielder Brendan Harris to Baltimore in exchange for minor-league pitchers Brett Jacobson and Jim Hoey. -zk

Steve Melewski: MacPhail on first base: "The area where we have the most options"
Melewski talks 1B with MacPhail, on video in some hotel room, no less. Someone should tell his camera operator that backlighting is never really a good idea. Also, the previous Melewski post says the O's offered DDT a minor league managing job before he went to Hotlanta. -zk

Orioles Insider: Orioles agree to terms with Koji 
One guaranteed year and a year with a vesting option. Koji Uehara has some incentives to hit for that second year to kick in. Either the market for him was exaggerated, or he really did want to come back to Baltimore.

Orioles Insider: Carlos Pena on not choosing the Orioles
Carlos Pena said he was "flattered" by the interest shown by the Orioles, but chose to sign with the Cubs. I'm guessing they flattered him with more zeroes than we did.

School of Roch: No offers made to Pena or Konerko (updated)
Carlos Pena was apparently "flattered" by an offer Andy MacPhail says he never made. Interesting.

Boston Signs Carl Crawford | FanGraphs Baseball
Didn't see that coming. I'm expecting Cliff Lee to get an offer of 20 years, $1.2 billion now from the Yankees.

Atlanta Adds a True LOOGY in Sherill | FanGraphs Baseball
Flat Breezy takes his talents to the ATL.

Orioles Insider: Orioles tweet on Luke Scott and his Obama comments 
If you're interested in reading the team's official statement on the matter, it's here. If you want to read anything else about the situation, here's a Google News search. But I'm kinda done with it, honestly.

Look, Daddy. Teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets his Open Thread.