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Thursday Bird Droppings

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Orioles' traveling secretary, 'Fabulous Phil,' did it all -
Phil Itzoe, who spent 41 of his 45 seasons with the Orioles coordinating the team's travel plans, the longest tenure of any traveling secretary in the four major sports leagues, died Wednesday after an extended illness. He was 72. -duck

2010 Baltimore Orioles Odds & Predictions | MLB Picks
Jimmy Boyd previews the 2010 pegs the O's odds at winning the Series at 10,000:1. -zk

Spoone looks forward to a healthy and successful 2010 -
Well, I don't want to die of malaria or go bankrupt this year, either, so I don't really see how this is news. -duck

2010 projected leaders: Runs scored & RBI: Circling the Bases
Nick Markakis is projected to be 14th in RBI, and Brian Roberts is projected to be 13th in runs. -duck

Adrian Beltre, Ben Sheets, Pudge Rodriguez are free-agent winners - Jon Heyman -
Jon Heyman examines the winners and losers of the 2010 winter. Seems to me there's a name missing... -duck

Shouldn't Damon be on Heyman's "free agent losers?" - Circling the Bases
Oh, there it is. -duck

PressBox: Feb. 10, 2010: Andy Is Still Grinding Away
Another look at Andy MacPhail's philosphy of running the club, with current rumors addressed. -duck

Corning's Clark to scout for Orioles | | Star-Gazette
Dave Clark has signed for another year as a scout for the Baltimore Orioles. I know four musicians who are gonna be pretty bummed about this... -duck

Sean McAdam's preseason previews: The Orioles
He thinks the O's will contend when the pitching is ready. Stop the presses! -duck

Snow blocks way to sunny spring training sites -
Trucks for the Baltimore Orioles and Cincinnati Reds left Friday before the first storm hit. The New York Mets' truck got out Tuesday in between storms. And the Philadelphia Phillies plan to leave this morning and the Boston Red Sox on Friday. -duck

The Toy Department: Five great snowy moments in sports history
"Snow-pening Day at Camden Yards!" -- Orioles vs. Indians, 2003: In one of the strangest beginnings to a season in team history, Baltimore defeated Cleveland 6-5 in 13 innings on a day when it was snowing so hard, players joked all they could do when they came to the plate was try to pick out the biggest white snowflake and try to hit it, assuming there was a good chance it was the ball. -duck

zk Stacey clipped these, and didn't leave a description: BS&L Interview of Lee MacPhail IV and Catching up with Devo. So there you go. Although I have a feeling the last one isn't about a 1980s New Wave band.


Drunk Jays Fans: If This Blows Halladay’s Return, So Help Me (expletive deleted) God
A Toronto blog bemoans the possibility of the Jays' series against the Phillies being moved to accommodate security concerns of the G20 summit, in hilarious and extremely profane ways. (NSFW) -duck


Topless Robot - Cobra Commander Wants to Command Your Heart
This on'es for SC: "Valentine's Day might not be here yet, but that doesn't mean that Cobra Commander isn't in the mood for love. He's back on Chat Roulette with an open heart and a box of chocolates, just looking for the kind of companionship that Destro and the Baroness have." -duck


Wow, not much. A few days late, but here's our Lineup Projections for 2007. From 2008, we have Hilarious, Andy. Really. in which 2632 is not thrilled at the re-signing of Steve Trachsel. And also from 2008, Dr Orpheus defended a possible Easy Target (A defense of trading B-Rob). -duck

This may smell bad, kid, but it'll keep you warm until I get the Open Thread up... Ugh. And I thought they smelled bad on the *outside*.