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Orioles 2010 Preview: A Camden Chat Collaboration

Beginning March 1st,'s MLB section will run a daily preview of each of the 30 baseball teams. They'll be posted in order of the Vegas world series odds for each (least likely to win to most likely). The Orioles preview will be posted on March 8th after the Indians, Padres, Nationals, Royals, Pirates, Athletics, and Mariners.

Because Camden Chat is such a great community filled with so many knowledgeable participants, I think an interesting idea for the preview is for each section to be written by a different CC member. I'll edit it, put it all together, and send it in. The topics to be covered for each blog are as follows:

  • Position Players (offense and defense)
  • Rotation
  • Bullpen
  • Potential minor league callups and how they'll help the team
  • Topic of choice (i.e. team chemistry, coaching staff, ownership, etc.)
  • Thoughts on the Vegas Odds (which I'll provide to the person who writes this section)

There will also be an intro which I'll handle myself.

If you're interested in writing one of these sections, send me an email no later than this Sunday, February 14th. In the email let me know which section(s) you'd like to write. If you want to write the "topic of choice" indicate what topic(s) you have in mind. If you're interested in participating please keep in mind that your portion of the preview will be due to me by March 1st and that it's likely your entire name will be used in it. I think this could be a lot of fun to do as a community and a good way to show not only our knowledge but our personality to the SB Nation as a whole.

If you have any questions, let me know! And if this is a lame idea and no one is interested I guess I'll just write the entire thing :-)