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President's Day Bird Droppings


I was reading about Stephen Strasburg today on a few different places around the internet and it got me wondering just how good everyone here thinks this kid will be in 2010. It seems to be the consensus that he'll see time in the National League in 2010 even if he starts in the minors. Do you think he'll be better than Brian Matusz? I'm not talking over their careers, just this year. Am I too high on Matusz if I think he's in the same league as Strasburg (especially at this point of their careers)? And if Strasburg will be better than Matusz in 2010 how much of that is based on the lineups he'll face compared to Matusz? The hype around Strasburg is so big that I have no idea what's real and what isn't.  

With spring training days away, what kind of team will Orioles field this year?
Now that Andy MacPhail's "phase 2" is in place, Kevin Cowherd tries to figure out what that means for the team. -Stacey

2010 Orioles: Focus on the Farm | The Loss Column
Andrew @ TLC takes a look at the importance on the 2010 season on the minor league system. -Stacey

Markakis on hitting third, "Whatever."
He doesn't care if he hits second or third. I'd prefer he hits second only because he's had more success there. I don't relly think it matters either, it's a pretty small sample size comparatively but I say stick with what works. -Stacey

The MLB's Most Underrated Lineup | Bringing Heat
Bringing Heat focuses on the positives the Orioles bring to the plate. I agree with the premise but disagree with a number of things in the article. For one thing, Matt Wieters isn't a prospect, that's just a fact. For another thing Miguel Tejada shouldn't be anywhere near the cleanup spot and he shouldn't be ahead of Wieters and Nolan Reimold in the lineup and probably not in front of Luke Scott either. -Stacey

Happy President's Day from Baseball Reference celebrates President's Day with this list of baseball players through history that share a name with a U.S. President. There have been two baseball playing Calvin Coolidges! -Stacey

And on this day in Camden Chat history....

Sammy Sosa, I'm so sorry (2006)
SC looks at the probable retirement of Sammy Sosa from an Orioles fan perspective. Of course Sosa ended up playing again in 2007. -Stacey

And so it begins (2006)
Comments on the beginning of 2006 with SC writing a line that is exactly how I feel about the WBC: "And I'm sorry, I love America, it's a wonderful country and my home and all, but I cannot root for Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. I just can't see myself in the eighth inning of a tight game, shouting, "Come on, Jeter!" or "Let's go, A-Rod!" Not happening."

Thoughts on Brandon Snyder (2006)
Big optimism on Brandon Snyder completely with shiny numbers. It's 4 seasons later, has Snyder lived up to it?

And that will win us more games, how? (2008)
jobe and others express outrage over the no facial hair rule but I'll tell you something: after seeing Nick Markakis' ridiculousness this offseason I am behind the policy. -Stacey

They say goldfish have no memory, I guess their lives are much like mine
And the little Open Thread is a surprise every time