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Community Projections for the 2010 Baltimore Orioles

Many of you are familiar with Daniel Moroz and his Orioles blog, Camden Crazies. I've had the good fortune of getting to know Daniel through our mutual Orioles and blogging interests and he does good work over there. 

In the past Camden Chat has done a community projection for the upcoming Orioles season but I'm not prepared to head that up this year. Instead I encourage all of you to go to Camden Crazies and participate in Daniel's community projection project. Starting today, Daniel is revving up his projection campaign with a focus on the starting infielders. You can access that post here: Projecting the 2010 Orioles: Infield. Over the next week or so he'll be posting additional entries on the rest of the team, about five players at a time. When those entries go up I'll be posting them in our daily Bird Droppings post so keep an eye out. 

As you all know there are are number of different Orioles communities around the blogOsphere and when Daniel and I talked about his projection project it didn't make sense for each separate group to attempt its own community projection. The results will be more robust and hopefully more accurate if every Orioles fan contributes to the same program. 

So if you're inclined, take a gander at what Daniel is asking for. It's really pretty simple; I've done a few already. If enough people contribute he should be able to put out some really great info that might shed a little light on what we hope to see for the birds in 2010, and of course it's always fun to go back after the season and see how ridiculously off we all were.