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Friday Bird Droppings

Talking Trembley
Trembley gives quotes on Alfredo Simon, Brian Roberts, the new digs, and the young starters. -Stacey

Roberts dealing with back spasms | News
Brian Roberts is still in Arizona and dealing with back spasms but doesn't anticipate any set backs. -Stacey

Uehara will shift to bullpen role | News
Dave Trembley makes official what everyone has known all winter: Koji's in the 'pen. -zk

Projecting The 2010 Orioles: Relievers | Camden Crazies
Project the performance of the 2010 O's relievers here. -Stacey

Verducci effect uses more circumstantial evidence | Fire Brand of the American League
Tory Patterson of FBotAL disagrees vehemntly with the scientific protocol used in creating the "Year After Effect". -duck

Ripken Expects Mauer to Follow His Path -- MLB FanHouse
Cal Ripken believes that Joe Mauer (who uses the same agent that Ripken did) will re-sign with the Twins and spend his career in Minnesota. I hope he's right. -Stacey

Orioles plan Sarasota appearances | Maffs Memos
The Orioles are already giving back to their new community, planning appearances around town and hosting disadvantaged kids at their home games. -Stacey

Surhoff Inducted Into College Baseball Hall of Fame 
Former Oriole B.J. Surhoff was inducted into the College Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday for his oustanding performance at University of North Carolina. -Stacey 

Complete Injury Database
I just discovered this injury data base as compiled by Retroblog. It includes every baseball injury dating back to 2002. Pretty interesting (they're listed by Retrosheet ID) -Stacey

Famed Boccaccio's Restaurant is sold at auction block to Peter Angelos | Citypeek
Peter Angelos is now the owner of another Baltimore institution. He purchased Boccaccio's in Little Italy at auction for $1.45M. -Stacey

Sarasota feeling like home as club opens workouts today -
More praises for the Orioles new home. -Stacey

An Orioles flock, establishing their nest | |
"Thursday in Birdland, the nesting process continued." -duck

Orioles replace Reds and it's a spring upgrade for everyone - Daily Pitch: MLB News, Standings, Schedules & More -
While the Reds may be thrilled with their new place, the Orioles are loving their old place for Spring Training. -duck