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Sunday Bird Droppings

Millwood's past key in molding O's future -
I'm about two "Kevin Millwood is here to save us" articles away from punching somebody in the face. -Stacey

Life of Brian (Matusz)
Matusz is making progress in Spring Training! Well I should hope so. I enjoy the part about Matusz and Tillman being boyfriends, though. -Stacey

Firm five: O's rotation all but set -
It's nice to have the rotation ready to go, isn't it? Check out the Opening Day rotations for the past five seasons at the bottom. Barf. -Stacey

Trembley on reliever Mickolio: 'This is his year' -

The Kevin Millwood Agenda
More sunshine being blown up my rear end about Kevin Millwood. Now I'm about one article away from punching someone in the face. -Stacey

Nick Markakis is also in the best shape of his life!
This one is for O'sFan21. -Stacey

Brian Cashman: The Orioles are a sleeping giant.
Preach it, Brian. -Stacey

I included this video today because when I was reading the quote by Trembley in the Nick Markakis link above, one of his quotes was,"He's a natural, but it doesn't come because he doesn't work at it." I read it five times and I KNEW Dave Trembley wasn't saying what it sounded like to me, which is that Nick is talented but he doesn't work at it and so you don't see everything he has. This video has the same quote and when you hear the way Dave says it aloud it's obvious that he's saying he's a natural but don't think that means he doesn't work hard.