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Tuesday Bird Droppings

This photo makes me so happy I feel like I might burst. (Baltimore Sun photo by Karl Merton Ferron)
This photo makes me so happy I feel like I might burst. (Baltimore Sun photo by Karl Merton Ferron)

Wieters ready to step into starring role | News
Matt Wieters is no rookie and he's ready to hit the ball better than everyone and manage the pitchers better than everyone and throw out all of the runners better than everyone. -Stacey

Tillman feeling better, Erbe looking good
Tillman's back is still a little stiff but getting better, Erbe impresses Trembley. -Stacey

Roberts: 'It shouldn't set me back' -
Some more details on the Roberts back injury. -Stacey

Roberts: "I think this is the closest we've been."
Brian is drinking the orange Kool Aid. -Stacey

Tejada taking his time reporting to camp -
Schmuck tries to stir up trouble about Tejada waiting until the last day to report even though the Orioles don't seem to care. -Stacey

DC Landing Strip: FEROCIOUS Beltway Battle for Jesus Moniker?!
As if there wasn't enough sacrilege in the Baltimore-D.C. area, people are starting to call Stephen Strasburg "Jesus" despite the fact that Baltimore has had its own Switch Hitting Jesus for quite some time now. -Stacey

Weight and see: Spring training camps awash with big losers |
USA Today hilariously lists all of the players who are in the best shape of their lives. -Stacey

MLB previews: The best and worst in the AL East - 02-22-2010
Here's a dude who doesn't know what he's talking about. "Take your pick between the Jays and Orioles. I’d probably have to say Baltimore, because at least the Jays have some potential in Dustin McGowan, Shaun Marcum (when those two are healthy), Ricky Romero and Brandon Morrow, among others." Yup, the Orioles rotation has NO potential, none at all. And don't even get me started on the part where he says the Orioles have a worse lineup than the Blue Jays. -Stacey | MLB preview: Baltimore Orioles
The more I read things the less likely it makes me believe anything written on the internet at all. This guy has Pie in LF and Hendrickson in the rotation. -Stacey

Brian Matusz talks Spring Training, including his opinion on everyone's favorite mentor.