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I'll be appearing on WNST-1570 this Thursday, 7-8:30 a.m.

This Thursday, February 25th, I will be joining Drew Forrester in studio from 7:00-8:30 to talk about the Orioles and their 2010 season. Drew has also invited me to call in and talk Orioles baseball three days per week for the remainder of Spring Training. Instead of just making a brief announcement the way I've done in the past I thought I should provide something of a preemptive response to what some of you will say. 

I know that a lot of people here dislike WNST, especially in regards to Nestor Aparicio and Drew Forrester. It wouldn't take much searching around Camden Chat to discover that on occasion I've had a few choice things to say about them myself. It might seem curious that I'd agree to appear on WNST with Drew given his reputation for taking an extreme negative view of the Orioles and the hijinks that WNST has been a part of in the past, but I do have a few (what I think are good) reasons.

For one thing, it's a pretty big thing for Camden Chat to be invited to take such a role on a traditional media outlet. Regardless of your opinion on WNST, that is what they are. In this changing age of media I think it's important to take advantage of an opportunity to present Camden Chat as a legitimate source of Orioles analysis and discussion. 

Additionally, I have to admit that I was flattered to be asked and also intrigued at the idea of doing something so totally out of my realm of comfort and experience. Don't get me wrong, I had reservations about accepting the offer. I discussed it with a few people whose opinions I value and ultimately decided to do it. I was worried that by going on Drew Forrester's show I might be perceived as endorsing some of the things that he and WNST have said or done in the past and that certainly isn't the case. If anything I think that my opportunity to interact with Drew might offer some balance to his opinions that could make for good discussion.

If you dislike WNST I certainly don't expect you to change your opinion based on the fact that I'll be appearing there. And who knows what I'll get out of the experience?  Whether it'll turns out to be positive or negative, I think that at the very least it'll be interesting.

You can hear WNST at 1570AM in Baltimore and online at