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Friday Bird Droppings

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Your Off-Season O of the Day: Adam Jones.
Your Off-Season O of the Day: Adam Jones.

Quick Bergesen Update- 
Roch says: "Orioles pitcher Brad Bergesen has been cleared to throw off the mound Saturday for the first time since injuring his shoulder during a commercial shoot two months ago." Well, our long national nightmare is over, then. -duck

Orioles to hold interviews for ballgirls and ballboys on Saturday, March 6 | Official Info
The Orioles have announced they will conduct interviews on Saturday, March 6 to find ballgirls and ballboys for the 2010 season. You have to be 18 or older. Sorry, BSF. -duck

Arrieta competing to break into crowded rotation -
Jake Arrieta isn't ruling out making the team out of Spring Training. Now, about three players would have to have their pitching arms fall off for that to happen, but the guy does have a chance. -duck

Mora brings valuable versatility to Rox | News
Melvin Mora plans to make the Rockies roster as a utility player. And he says it was totally his idea for the O's to not pick up his option and pay him more to be a starter than the Rockies are paying him to be a utility player. Yup, totally his idea. -duck

Palmer pays a visit, wishes McGwire well -
Jim Palmer just can't stay our of a baseball Spring Training camp, so he paid his good buddy Mark McGwire a visit at Cardinals camp. I really, really want to add a snarky comment to this, but it IS Cakes we're talking about. Man's a Hall of Famer, you know. -duck

Wigginton, Andino to fill utility roles | News
Ty Wigginton and Robert Andino are projected to stay on the club as utility players, to the surprise of just about no one paying attention. -duck

Mickolio makes his pitch to stick with Orioles -
" 'I think for what he could bring to us, I would be very, very, very surprised if he doesn't do what we think he can do,' Trembley said." Wow, I'm glad the O's had that media training meeting. -duck

Spring Training Radio Schedule released -
Fourteen games will be broadcast on 105.7 The Fan, starting March 3. Hopefully, this year, they actually broadcast the whole game and don't leave during a rain delay. -duck

Uehara 'looks strong,' Trembley says -
Koji Uehara has the desired "late life" on his fastball, and Diamond Dave hopes he stays healthy this year. -duck

I couldn't get the search function to work properly with my slow speed DSL connection, so Today in CC History will resume Monday when Stacey's back at the helm with her fancy-schmancy big city fast internet connection. But considering I still had dial-up as my only online choice 30 months ago, I'll deal with it. -duck