Orioles Draft Preview

Hey guys, I've appreciated the links to my blog in the past in this community, so I thought I'd share my most recent piece with you.

I'm doing team-by-team draft previews that will be part of my 2010 MLB Draft Notebook, and the Orioles were the second team up. I focused on the draft history of scouting director Joe Jordan, and dissected what the Orioles might be looking for in the 2010 draft.

Here's an excerpt from the writeup, which features small writeups on 25 players involved with Jordan's work:

Looking at draft budgeting, the Orioles have been one of the better teams at investing in the draft in recent years. Following the expensive signings of Wieters and Matusz, they spread a great deal of money out over multiple players in 2009, reaching about $8.5 million in draft spending. I’d expect more of the same in 2010. The Orioles pick at numbers 3, 85, 118, and every 30 picks after that, assuming that Rod Barajas signs a Major League deal with another club before the draft. Seeing as the Orioles are down a second-round pick, and they didn’t pick up any compensation picks, I see them going after multiple players that fell due to signability issues and signing them up themselves. The best examples of that in 2009 were Michael Ohlman and Cameron Coffey, a pair that signed bonuses comparable to the end of the first round when looking at the assigned slots of their bonuses. If they don’t want to spread their money out as much this year, and there might be a clear cut number three pick come June that makes them want to do so, they could easily allocate the majority of their resources towards that pick. I don’t see anyone commanding $6+ million at the number three pick this year like Donavan Tate did a year ago, but it’s quite possible.

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What do you think? What will the Orioles do?

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