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Sunday Bird Droppings


So, here are your late news clippings, since I slept in and am craving a hot breakfast. Serve them with syrup and pass the coffee, will ya?

Diamond Dave says 5th spot is open - School of Roch | MASN
Dave Trembley says the 5th spot in the rotation is up for grabs, and Chris Tillman certainly has a shot. -duck

MASN Looking For Nats And Os Fans For Ads | Washington D.C. Metblogs
You know those MASN Defining Moments ads? Well, unfortunately, they're not as dead as we had hoped they would be. Casting calls have gone out for Monday in Baltimore and on Feb. 15th in Washington, callbacks are in Baltimore on Feb. 20 & 21. You have been warned. -duck

Ripken, Robinson say Tejada will thrive at third base -
Well, if Cal and Brooks say it can be done, then, by goodness, it can be done. -duck

Bedard weighed O's offer before re-signing with Mariners -
Erik Bedard thought long and hard about joining the O's before re-upping with the Mariners. Sorta like being someone's backup choice to the prom, isn't it? -duck

Royals Rotten Decade | Kings of Kauffman
Thought the Orioles had a bad decade? Well, they did, but not as bad as the Royals. -duck


Amber Theoharis choice - Keep doing what she is doing.... | Washington Examiner
Amber Theoharis is not likely to leave her full time gig at MASN to replace Anita Marks on The Scott Garceau Show. She will guest-host Monday, but that's it. -duck


Bruce Chen was signed by the Texas Rangers in 2007, zk's boyfriend signed a 1-year deal with the O's and Erik Bedard was in Seattle to sign his contract with the M's in 2008, while proof that A-Rod tested positive in 2003 was released and we settled the argument over "The "Boss" Bruce Springsteen in an off-topic poll for the ages in 2009. 

Danny Torrance: What was the Donner Party? 
Jack Torrance: They were a party of settlers in covered-wagon times. They got snowbound one winter in the Open Thread. They had to resort to cannibalism in order to stay alive. 
Danny Torrance: You mean they ate each other up? 
Jack Torrance: They had to, in order to survive.