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Super Bowl Thread: Colts vs Saints, 6 p.m.

Football fans are weird
Football fans are weird

Who you got? My money (not really) is on the Colts, but there are few things I prefer about the Saints. Those things are: Reggie Bush and the sparkly cheerleaders. I mean, have you seen their cheerleaders? Sparkle City. Still, I don't hate the Colts the way people seem to think I should and I actually like Peyton Manning. Either way I don't really care. 

SB Nation is trying something new this year with an all SBN Game Thread so if you want to chat up the game you can head there, or of course stay within the friendly confines of Camden Chat. zk is preparing some fabulous guacamole for his Super Bowl party but I'm willing to bet a few of you are like me and watching from home on this winter weekend. 

The best thing about the Super Bowl is that the second that it's over we can start thinking about baseball full time. Spring Training is just 11 days away!