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Monday Bird Droppings


The day after the Super Bowl isn't a big day for baseball news, so I've added a few interesting hits from around the blogOsphere.

Report: Takahashi rejects Orioles, Mets -
Japanese left-hander Hisanori Takahashi has reportedly rejected contract offers from the Orioles and Mets. Looks like he wants to go to a winner. -Stacey

Hall of Famers endorse Tejada at third | News
Cal Ripken and Brooks Robinson agree that Miguel Tejada will do well at third base. Well, consider my mind eased. -Stacey

The Eutaw Street Chronicles: Eddie Murray, Aug. 14, 1996
It's always a good day when there is an update to the Eutaw Street Chronicles. -Stacey

Orioles Card "O" the Day
Kevin has featured three straight days of Jim Palmer cards including one that shows off his shiny mane. -Stacey

How The Opposition Views The Orioles – Red Sox | Camden Crazies
Daniel at Camden Crazies is going a series with bloggers for opposing teams and the Red Sox guy has been the best so far. A good read even if he does call Brad Bergesen "Brian." -Stacey

On this date in Camden Chat history:

FYI, if you find yourself reading an old entry and it looks like the comments are headers only, change the drop down at the top of the comments list from collapsed to expanded. That happens sometimes with old comments. 

Zack: It really didn't go as bad as it could have.
Adam: An Open Thread is dead, Zack.
Zack: I didn't say it went perfectly.