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Tuesday Bird Droppings


O's sign LHP Will Startup to a minor league contract

No, I don't know who he is either. -Stacey

Wiggy to be traded? 

That's what Roch speculates among other pre-Spring Training observations. -Stacey

My treatment of Bedard has been unfair | Seattle Times Newspaper

One of the Seattle writers that called Bedard a big baby acknowledges the fact that he was pitching hurt and is now all, "my bad." -Stacey

David Stockstill on Joel Guzman - 

"The 6'5", 245-pound, right-handed hitter batted .281-12-57 in 108 games at Double-A Harrisburg last summer and hit just .121 in 12 games at Triple-A Syracuse with the Nationals organization. 'He's got a lot of power and athleticism and plays multiple positions. We look for him to try and make our Triple-A club,' O's Director of Player Development, David Stockstill said." -duck

AL East Sleepers: Baltimore Orioles | Fire Brand of the American League

So a Boston Red Sox blog says we're a sleeper. Yeah, that's right, the O's will keep you up at night in 2010, Pink Hat Nation! -duck

Wondering about Wieters 

Steve Melewski ponders the workload that will be put upon Matt Wieters in 2010. -Stacey

Check That — Check Swings Are Back in MLB 2K10 - Kotaku

"A mini-foofaraw stirred up after MLB 2K10 previews revealed the game had no check-swing mechanic. 2K Sports felt an improved batting eye and new "defensive swings" eliminated their need. But they've backtracked, and said check swings will be patched in." I gotta link to any mildly baseball-related story that uses the word "foofaraw". It's in my contract. -duck

Play "MLB 2K10" to get rich! - Page 2 - ESPN

Not that I'm on 2K Sports' payroll, but this is interesting. If you pitch a perfect game on MLB2K10, you could win a million bucks. Really. -duck


Cabrera and Gibbons Projections (2006)Hank Bauer: 1922-2007 (2007)Bedard finally dumps on the Os.... (2008), and A-Roid non apologizes (2009).

I'm Mister White Christmas
I'm Mister Snow
I'm Mister Icicle
I'm Mister Open Thread
Friends call me Snow Miser
What ever I touch
Turns to snow in my clutch
I'm too much!