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Give us a giant backpack and send us off to kindergarten, because Camden Chat turns 5 today

On 11 March 2005, Camden Chat was born. SC poured his heart and genius into this blog, building a corner of the internet where Orioles fans could take refuge. Camden Chat celebrated its 1st2nd3rd, and 4th birthdays with SC at the helm, and with his nurturing CC went from being the best blog that no one knew about to the premiere destination for intelligent Orioles discussion. In a time when it's been tough to be an Orioles fan, SC facilitated the growth of a community that cares about the Orioles and each other.


Camden Chat has been experienced a lot in its life, much of which is chronicled excellently in the links above. Below are just a few of many awesome and/or horrible moments experienced in the past year:

  • The major league debuts of Bradley "3E1N" Bergesen, Jason Berken, David Hernandez, Nolan Reimold (you can't stop him, you can only store him in a cool, dry place), Brian Matusz and his BFF Chris Tillman, KOJI!, Justin Turner, and of course the Switch Hitting Jesus.
  • The rise and fall of the "Hire John Gibbons" movement.
  • The two most ridiculous game threads in CC history: Memlomania and Rhymeapalooza.
  • A 13 game losing streak.
  • The first annual CC Night at the Yard.

Ah, memories. I'm sure we have even greater things in store for the upcoming year. Happy Birthday, Camden Chat! If you're interested in buying a present, CC's wish list includes: a winning season, a top tier first baseman, and a pony.