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Friday Bird Droppings

Twins looks sharp; O's, not so much -
Yes, the Orioles lost another SPRING TRAINING game yesterday. :: Yaaaaaawn :: At least KOJI! looked good. -zk

Roberts hopeful of recovery by opener | News
Roberts Watch 2010 (cue ominous music)—BriBob worked out yesterday, and hopes to do some hitting today. Also of note is that before his meds made him sick, he was actually past his back issues enough to be a "full go" in practice: turning DPs and taking BP. Sounds like he's turned the corner. -zk

Millwood not concerned by another rough outing
Millwood to coaches and O's fans: "No really, really, really! I don't suck. Promise." Maybe I'm paraphrasing a bit. -zk

Welcome to Birdland South
Heath at Dempsey's Army gives a great account of his ST game and makes me jealous. Gotta love his reaction to the ticket taker welcoming him to Birdland South, "And he was right. The place was overrun with Red Sox fans, they played "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" during the 7th inning stretch and the O's lost in heartbreaking fashion." -Stacey

Bergesen 'disappointed' with exhibition debut -
Dude, you haven't pitched a game in nearly 8 months. Relax! (Actually, I'm happy to hear he's so focused on returning to form.) -zk

Looking to the future, Coffey makes changes in his mechanics -
Melewski has an in-depth conversation with O's prospect Cameron Coffey about the changes in his delivery. -zk

Chat wrap: Orioles Q&A with Jeff Zrebiec
You have to hit the video putton to see the transcript. Jeff answers questions of all kinds, such as this one:
"I remember a few years back when guys like Bigbie, Loewen and company were going to compliment our veteran leadership to put us into the playoffs. Based on what you've seen, what's the biggest difference this time around with this young group of guys?"

I picture Jeff rolling his eyes and wanting to type THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE IS THAT BIGBIE AND LOEWEN ALWAYS SUCKED. -zk

Baseball doesn't need radical realignment - St. Petersburg Times
How refreshing! John Romano echos what we've been saying here all along—realignment is stupid, and a balanced schedule is the logical next step. -zk» Do the Orioles Need Tejada, When They Have Josh Bell?
Dear Because he hasn't played an inning of AAA yet. That's why. -duck

Orioles relievers sizing up the competition in camp -
The candidates for the Orioles' two or three bullpen vacancies have certainly gotten a close look at their competition, and Kranitz hopes that they're all paying attention. -duck

On hockey and national anthem etiquette for fans - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
A fascinating blog entry about various Anthem traditions, complete with comments from indignant Caps fans who hate the Baltimore "O!" which is invariably heard at the Verizon Center. -zk

On This Date in Camden Chat History:
: SC writes 12 paragraphs about a ST loss to the Marlins. Man, do I feel like a slacker.
2006: SC's 40 Greatest Orioles of All Time Series write-ups of #10 Ken Singleton and #9 Brady Anderson
Okay, this one was fun (remember to expand the comments if they're collapsed). SC posts about the O's destroying Dice-K in a ST game. Then Jonnypops talks trash about OTM's response to the game. Then someone from OTM who's lurking at CC calls out JP on their boards and a blog war erupts. In the middle of it all, I give the folks at OTM lessons in SBN formatting, which is sort of classic me.
2009: Nicky becomes a papa.