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Saturday Bird Droppings

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Orioles: Upcoming pitching probables
Schmuck outlines the pitching for the next few days. Today vs. the Yankees is Guthrie, Simon, Berken, Meredith, Albers, and Castillo. And in the B game vs the Marlins: Hendrickson, Gonzalez, Sarfate, Hinkley, and George. -Stacey

Snyder cemented at first and progressing |
Brandon Snyder is only playing first these days and his defense has improved because of it. -Stacey

Shields named Rays opening day starter
The Orioles will face James Shields and Matt Garza in their first two games of the year. -Stacey

O's Wieters settling in behind plate
He's going to be a leader on the field. Oh, and he and Chris Tillman are like THIS. -Stacey

Forever the voice of sports in Baltimore
Steve Melewski writes a very nice tribute to Chuck Thompson. -Stacey

Mother Nature has a field day in Florida | News
Stupid rain. -duck

Orioles' Johnson hopes for revival in 8th inning -
Jim Johnson is really, really OK with being the 8th inning guy this year. -duck

Hill relishes chance with Cardinals | News
" 'Last year with the Orioles, I had that opportunity to start against the Red Sox, but I think it kind of loses its effect,' said Hill, who pitched for Baltimore last season." I have no idea what the hell that is supposed to mean. -duck

Camden Depot: Options if Brian Roberts Cannot Play
Camden Depot throws out a few possible names to play 2B temporarily if Brian Bob isn't ready on OD. Questions: Is Eric Patterson any better of a player than his brother? If not, is he at least as handsome? -Stacey

Looks Like an NFL Roster: Spring Training 2010 - NumerOlogy
Kevin has updated NumerOlogy with the full Spring Training roster. Complete with witty comments! -Stacey