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Camden Chat Fantasy League Update

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The 2010 Camden Chat Fantasy Baseball League, being played with the CBS Sports Commissioner League, has been set up and will hold its draft on March 23rd. It is an 8 team, AL only, head-to-head league with two divisions: The Arrogant Orioles Fan Division and the John Gibbons Memorial Division.

Here are your teams:

John Gibbons Memorial Division
East Compton Clovers - Stacey
Pie's Posse - Nawlins Oriole
Team 2 - kba26 (very creative)
The Fightin' Participants - Chaunumas

The Arrogant Orioles Fan Division
黄鹂 - monarkrunr (I have no idea what that means, perhaps he'll enlighten us)
Bowie Baysox - ravensfan3
Cavaliers - Sidewinder X
Hell's Belle - daveh873

It's worth noting that Dave was originally in the John Gibbons Memorial Division and immediately petitioned for realignment into the Arrogant  Orioles Fan Division. I suppose he IS the most arrogant Orioles fan around.

This is my first time playing the League and it's taken some getting used to. They do have a lot of primers and and prep kits for the draft which, if I get around to it, will probably be useful. The layout is also pretty customizable, seems decent. I'm looking forward to the in-game tracking so that I can check the stats without having to wait until the next morning.

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