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Sunday Bird Droppings

The Schmuck Stops Here: Zrebiec: Pie's shoulder (updated)
Peter Schmuck writes that Jeff Zrebiec reports that Dave Trembley says that Felix Pie hurt his shoulder, probably lifting weights. Got that? -duck

Spotlight isn't on Uehara this season -
Koji Uehara isn't getting much attention from anybody, even the Japanese press, as he makes the transition to the bullpen. And he's OK with that. -duck

Orioles' Wigginton left in limbo - Carroll County Times
Ty Wigginton is going to get serous consideration at replacing Brian Roberts at 2B if B-Rob isn't healthy. Oh, goody. -duck

Orioles pitchers stumble out of spring training gate -
USA Today notices the O's starters don't look so hot this spring. Thanks for the update, guys. -duck

O's Guthrie gives up 4 runs in 3rd start -
The Orioles ' quest to make Jeremy Guthrie their first starter this spring to get through four innings was pretty much derailed when the right-hander threw 25 pitches Saturday before he got his first out. -duck

Pessimism starts to steal home for Orioles fans -
Andy MacPhail tells us "The old adage is, you have to be careful about making judgments in September or March, and that applies to both the good and the bad. I've just been through too many of these." So, we aren't allowed to panic yet. -duck



Split the squad, split the gamesJohn Sickels Ranks Our ProspectsPonson sharp in debut


The 40 Greatest Orioles of All-Time - No. 7 - Mike Mussina,  The 40 Greatest Orioles of All-Time - No. 8 - Dave McNallyHappy belated birthday, us


Javy Lopez is so bad that the Rockies cut him Classic D-Cab (Danny has a really bad day in ST)


will hayden penn ever see rainbows? (O's make ST cuts)


Camden Chat v. Federal Baseball: The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Contest. Anyone remember who won?