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AL East by Position: Summary

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As suggested by Birdman, here's a tally of the AL East position rankings I've written over the past month and a half. Based on the rankings I'll give each team a final score which, I'm fairly certain, will determine who will win the World Series in 2010. Well ok, maybe not, but it'll be interesting nonetheless. The team with the player in 1st position will get five points, 2nd four points, and so on. If I remember and/or care, maybe I'll revisit these rankings when the  2010 season is over and see just how smart/dumb I am.

Click through to see the totals (the table is too wide for front page action). Given that not all #1s (or 5s) are equal it's not worth much, but it's nice to see the O's hold their own in the final tally. One thing appears to be certain: the Blue Jays are going to have a rough go of it.

Orioles Red Sox Yankees Rays Blue Jays
Catcher Matt Wieters - 5 Victor Martinez - 4 Jorge Posada - 3 Kelly Shoppach - 2 John Buck - 1
First Base Garrett Atkins - 1 Kevin Youkilis - 4 Mark Teixeira - 5 Carlos Pena - 3 Lyle Overbay - 2
Second Base Brian Roberts - 3 Dustin Pedroia - 5 Robinson Cano - 2 Ben Zobrist - 4 Aaron Hill - 1
Third Base Miguel Tejada - 2 Adrian Beltre - 3 Alex Rodriguez - 5 Evan Longoria - 4 Edwin Encarnacion - 1
Shortstop Cesar Izturis - 2 Marco Scutaro - 3 Derek Jeter - 5 Jason Bartlett - 4 Alex Gonzalez - 1
Left Field Nolan Reimold - 4 Jacoby Ellsbury - 3 Brett Gardner - 1 Carl Crawford - 5 Travis Snider - 2
Center Field Adam Jones - 5 Mike Cameron - 2 Curtis Granderson - 3 B.J. Upton - 4 Vernon Wells - 1
Right Field Nick Markakis - 5 J.D. Drew - 4 Nick Swisher - 3 Matt Joyce - 2 Jose Bautista - 1
Designated Hitter Luke Scott - 2 David Ortiz - 4 Nick Johnson - 3 Pat Burrell - 1 Adam Lind - 5
Total Points: 29 32 30 29 15

Going back and looking at the rankings I have a few more comments about my O's ranks. The only one I ranked any higher than I 100% believed was Wieters. He'll ultimately be the best, but maybe not in 2010. But people have been heaping the highest of expectations on him for so long, why not continue in the tradition? I do think that Martinez would be the only one who could outperform him this year. 

Given the uncertainty about Reimold's Achilles, I'm not feeling as confident about the #2 rank. If I were to re-rank today based on what's happened so far in Spring Training I might move him down a notch. Of course as I said before, Travis Snider is something of a wild card who could jump to the #2 spot if he puts it together. 

For reference, here are the links to the original articles:

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